Rep. Garth Everett Endorses Jim Christiana for U.S. Senate

Muncy, PA— At an event in his legislative district, State Rep. Garth Everett (RLycoming/Union) tonight announced his support for Jim Christiana’s U.S. Senate bid in front of nearly 100 supporters. Everett had the following to say about Christiana’s record:

“For years in the state House, Jim has been an outspoken advocate for responsible natural gas development that benefit our landowners, families and communities. His legislation paved the way for Shell’s cracker plant, 10,000 thousand new jobs, and a brand new industry here in Pennsylvania. Washington needs leaders like Jimmy more than ever.

“We need a nominee with a proven track record of major accomplishments in the Legislature, and a nominee who can actually unseat Bob Casey. There is no question in my mind that Jim Christiana gives our party the best opportunity to win next November.

“Unlike Bob Casey, Jimmy doesn’t just show up and vote “yes” or “no,” he does his research, knows the issues and offers innovative solutions. Simply put, he delivers results.

“Bob Casey lacks the political courage to affect real change for the people of Pennsylvania. With a record of fighting the status quo in Harrisburg, Jim Christiana is the only candidate who is equipped and unafraid to take him on.”

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● Christiana’s legislative record is filled with major accomplishments like PennWATCH, school choice initiatives, and economic development. These accomplishments are a stark contrast to Sen. Bob Casey, Jr.’s empty legislative resume.

● Jim Christiana has a proven commitment to less government and more freedom for Americans. If nominated, he will fight to undo the damaging taxes and regulations imposed by the Obama-Casey era.

● In the most politically polarizing times, Christiana has shown a solid ability to bring various opinions and interests together to establish common ground and agreement.