Jim Christiana Delivers Results And He is Ready to Deliver Them in Washington

Jim is America’s New Senator — a generational conservative leader who is ready and willing to do things differently in Washington. He’s running because Pennsylvania needs a leader who will finally find ways to control debt and deficit, end the opioid crisis, get D.C. out of heathcare & K-12 education, secure our borders AND fix our broken immigration system, and save Social Security for every generation. Jim’s record of results shows he isn’t afraid to fight the status quo and won’t let the pursuit of perfection roadblock progress. While the old guard in Washington has been busy playing with political swords and making excuses for inaction, Jim’s been offering innovative solutions to Pennsylvanias toughest problems.

Here’s where he stands on the issues:

Saving Social Security for Every Generation
Jim will not use social security funding for anything other than its intended purpose. He represents a new generation of leadership that will ensure promises made to every generation - from seniors to newborn babies - are kept. Washington must live up to its end of the deal for seniors and those nearing retirement. But we must start making different promises to younger generations because life expectancy has increased by 25 years or more.

In Harrisburg, Jim helped stop the overpromises of the past. He supported long- & short-term efforts to preserve public pensions and eliminated its drain on future state budgets.

  • Bob Casey has the Social Security Trust Fund on a bullet train to bankruptcy.
  • Bob Casey voted to raid $15 trillion from the Social Security accounts for other Washington pet projects.
Controlling Debt and Deficit
Jim will vote against federal budgets that overspend. He will reduce the size of the federal government and our national debt by expanding our economy, eliminating wasteful spending, and giving more authority back to our states. He believes we must reprioritize how we spend federal tax dollars using sound business principles and imposing significant transparency measures.

As a State Representative, Jim applied these same principles to the state budget. He voted against numerous proposals to spike taxes and spending.  Jim has been a warrior for transparency in Harrisburg, championing legislation to create the PennWATCH and SchoolWATCH databases. These proposals made $62 billion of annual spending more transparent.

  • Lou Barletta & Bob Casey continually voted to raise Washington’s debt ceiling.
  • Lou Barletta & Bob Casey refused to control or cut spending.
  • Lou Barletta & Bob Casey contributed to the $440 billion federal deficit. 
Ending the Opioid & Heroin Crisis
Jim will give the DEA and border patrol agents the tools necessary to hunt down drug dealers and stop the flow of fentanyl from China. He will stand up to companies and industries that have fueled the opioid crisis by dumping millions of highly addictive pain killers into our communities. Jim will give states and local authorities the resources and flexibility to end the opioid crisis.

Jim has supported more than a dozen bipartisan bills to combat the heroin and opioid epidemic, including efforts to speed up and expand treatment options for users, establish a statewide prescription drug monitoring system, increase substance abuse education in schools, assist with emergency response and stiffen penalties for serious drug crimes.

  • Lou Barletta & Bob Casey have shown no leadership on the opioid crisis. In fact, their lax support for law enforcement and cozy relationships with Big Pharma has made the problem worse.
  • Lou Barletta & Bob Casey voted for a bill that protected Washington’s special interests but undermined law enforcement, our families, and our communities.
Reforming Health Care
As Senator, Jim will vote to repeal and replace Obamacare in one fell-swoop or brick-by-brick. He will allow states to manage their Medicaid programs without costly federal mandates. Jim knows state and local governments (not Washington) are better equipped to manage the needs of their constituents. Federal funding dollars should be invested in Medicaid and driven down to states with no strings attached. Jim supports rural access hospitals and tele-medicine so rural Pennsylvania has access to world class medicine.

Jim fought to end the long-term contract dispute between two major Western Pennsylvania health care systems which was threatening to deny patients access to their doctors. He worked across the aisle to develop a long-term solution to ensure access and choice amid a rapidly changing health care landscape.

  • Bob Casey is one of the nation’s biggest supporters of Obamacare. He helped create the health care calamity in our state and nation.
  • Bob Casey refused all attempts to repeal Obamacare and replace it with market-based insurance.
  • Bob Casey voted to raid the Medicare Trust Fund and hijacked Medicaid away from state control, loading it up with federal mandates.
Protecting the Unborn
Jim is 100% pro-life and has a voting record to prove it. He believes innocent unborn human life deserves a voice and Planned Parenthood does not deserve a dime of taxpayer dollars.

Jim has repeatedly voted to end unsafe and cruel abortion practice as well as legislation to ban abortions after 20 weeks.

  • Lou Barletta and Bob Casey both voted to INCREASE funding for Planned Parenthood.
  • Bob Casey has a ZERO percent pro-life record in 2017. He consistently defends Planned Parenthood, and all its practices.
Standing Up for the Second Amendment
Jim will fight to preserve our constitutionally guaranteed right to keep and bear arms. He will always stand up for law-abiding gun owners. Jim has a proven and unblemished pro-second amendment voting record.

Jim has co-sponsored numerous pro-second amendment measures in the state House.  He voted to expand the Castle Doctrine Law, giving Pennsylvania citizens the right to use any force necessary to defend their property from an attacker.

  • Bob Casey is one of the Senate’s most vocal voices for more gun laws. In fact, the Washington Post recently described him as being an “evangelist” for more gun control.
Improving K-12 Education
Jim wants to give parents the ability to choose the best school for their child, regardless of their zip code or financial status. He doesn’t believe Washington has the constitutional authority to micromanage Pennsylvania’s K-12 public education and is opposed to Washington mandating more standardized tests. Jim is passionate about education and believes parents know what’s best for their children.

As a state legislator, Jim was the prime sponsor of legislation to create opportunity scholarships, which have rescued more than 100,000 kids from chronically failing and violent schools.

  • Bob Casey consistently sides with teachers’ unions, instead of students and teachers. He believes in a Washington top-down approach to education.
  • Bob Casey is opposed to school choice and any educational reform that teachers’ unions do not support.
  • Lou Barletta and Bob Casey both voted to perpetuate failed education policies and excessive standardized testing under the No Child Left Behind Act.
Making Higher Education Affordable and Effective
Jim believes that it is shameful that only 40% of students who attend college make it to graduation and only 20% finish within 4 years. Those lucky enough to graduate from college are shackled with student loan debt for nearly half of their adult lives. Americans have $1.4 trillion in student loan debt. That’s 40% more than credit card debt. Jim will bring a new vision for higher education to Washington. He wants more competition in the student loan market to drive interest rates down. He will encourage career and technical education and the lowering of the costs of higher education.

Jim chaired the House Subcommittee on Higher Education and fought to restore funding to state universities, community colleges and PHEAA – one of the nation’s leading student aid organizations. He has met with education leaders and business owners from across the state about solving our workforce crisis.

  • Bob Casey’s solution to student loan debt is to throw more tax dollars at the problem. He has endorsed the Obama policy of nationalizing the student loan industry.
  • Bob Casey’s failed leadership has led to $1.4 trillion in student loan debt, skyrocketing interest rates, and more than 5 million Americans defaulting on their student loans.
Securing our Borders and Reforming Immigration
Jim will fight to secure our borders. He supports a commonsense immigration system based on merit and the needs of our workforce, not rigid quotas. Jim wants to ensure Visas linked to industries are updated to meet the needs of those industries.

Jim supported efforts to make sanctuary cities liable for damages committed by illegal immigrants who commit crimes against citizens and supported legislation to withhold state funding from sanctuary campuses.

  • Bob Casey has protected the status quo and sanctuary cities. He has failed to support efforts to protect the safety of American citizens and stood against reforms to our current immigration system, making it easier for illegal aliens to stay in our country.